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BWD Magazine is the #1 Variety Worldwide Digital/Print Magazine covering all things Music, Modeling, Entertainment, Sports, Arts, Lifestyles, Fashion, Film, Book Authors, Writers, and Much More!

In a world where a swipe across the virtual shelf has supplanted the casual stroll down the aisle, content driven media has become the golden chalice of promotion; fresh content delivered with the minimum of fuss constantly throughout the day has become the key to ensnaring the public interest, of reaching the plateau of fame and recognition you deserve to be standing upon.

Without an audience to listen no-one can hear you talk. Without a pair of eyes to observe no-one notices when you achieve greatness and without a market waiting on pins to learn which direction their latest fascination will be coming from no-one will be holding the banners of congratulations when you finally step up to the limelight.

With an empire of insiders working tirelessly away to bring you the biggest, best, and breaking news across the entire landscape of the media BWD Magazine has built a reputation as being one of the leading names in the industry.

When we speak, others listen.

With a worldwide audience of subscribers downloading and learning which name to look out for, which band they should be following, who the next Big Thing is going to be, BWD Magazine speaks to millions of awaiting ears each and every month.

With the world as an audience BWD Magazine puts you firmly in the spotlight.

With well over a decade’s worth of experience in the promotions industry and a crowd of millions worldwide spreading the word with each new release, BWD has established itself as the leader in its fields.

BWD Magazine- ‘Leading Whilst Others Follow’