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Since its successful launch BWD Magazine has become one of the most sourced publications for those wishing to stay ahead of the curve; constantly delivering cutting edge artists, contemporary fresh writers, show stopping models and revealing where to look for the next name in music. BWD Magazine has become de facto indie industry insider, creating both a bible for those seeking the next ‘big thing’ in music as well as providing a worldwide platform for artists to be seen, heard, and globally discovered.

Having built a network of connections and brought millions of eyes to our pages each and every month we are now looking further even afield than before, offering everyone an invitation to step into the spotlight and get involved.

Whether it’s an underground new scene taking your town by storm, an urban artist turning your streets bland brickwork into their own explosive canvas of color, or why it’s always peanut butter first then jelly when building the iconic sandwich de jour then we want to hear about it!

Photographers with a phalanx of fine faces, promoters with a portfolio of potential iPod punishers, a review of a gig that became an event, or report of a book signing coming up in your State; if you think it’s worth writing about then so do we!

Open the windows on the world and let the people enjoy the view, and together we can create a community of inclusiveness, turning our magazine into your magazine.

Your submission does not guarantee inclusion in any of the many and various BWD outlets. Requirements for consideration of submission MUST include the following:

- Article, Press Release or Professionally Written Full Biography (Exactly as you wish to see it published)
Maximum of 1800 Characters (Counting Spaces) or 300 Words

- EPK (If Available)

- 2-5 High Resolution Photos - Specs: 2500px-3000px or Bigger (300 DBI or better)

- Video Links (If Available)

- Links to website & social networks

Fill Out The Fields and Attach Requested Documents

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Acceptable file types: doc,pdf,txt,mp3,mpeg,mpeg-1,mpeg-2,jpg,gif,jpeg,png.
Maximum file size: 20mb.